Fingerstyle Guitar Class (6 weeks)

Fingerstyle Guitar Class (6 weeks)


Fingerstyle guitar class 

6 week fingerstyle guitar course for those wanting to learn or improve their fingerstyle guitar playing.


Course content:

  • Learning various techniques and exercises appropriate to your level. 
  • Arranging and learning 1-2 songs to play as a group. 
  • Performing the songs at the end of term (instead of the usual live gig, we'll be video-recording this in the room). 


We can arrange parts for everyone, no matter the level. So whether you feel comfortable playing single notes, chords or full fingerstyle arrangements, you can be part of the final performance. 


Level: intermediate; as long as you can strum some chords, you are welcome to come along. There will be parts for everyone, no matter the level. 

Age: adults (15+).

Location: Ulster College of Music, Lisburn Road.

Date: Thursdays 8-9pm.

From 15th October - 26th November (halloween break 29th October).


Covid-19 Safety 

The course will be limited to 6 participants in a room that can safely accommodate 12 with social distancing. The room is well ventilated and equipped with air filters. There is a one-way system in place at Ulster College of Music and students are asked to wear a mask in the communal areas. Masks are optional in the room itself. 

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